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Member Benefits

Why Join Extra Innings Direct?

  • NEW!

    Would you rather your customers order directly from your own team store? Parents and customers order uniforms and fan gear directly from your designated team site. Participating manufacturers process the order and ship directly to your customer. Once delivered, you receive a nice rebate check!

  • NEW!

    Link to your own website. Your customers would then order in stock products directly from and your program receives a monthly referral check.


    Our Association of 350+ Travel Programs and Facilities are leveraged for the benefit of each one of our members. Wholesale accounts with the best manufacturers, no inventory requirements, and no minimums. Online wholesale ordering, your own team store and the ability to receive referral rebates without ever taking an order yourself.


    With over 350+ Travel Programs and Facilities purchasing under one umbrella we negotiate national wholesale pricing levels with our participating manufacturers. “Strength in Numbers”


    Wholesale access to over 35 of the best manufacturers in the game. Our members have all the bases covered with no inventory requirements or minimum purchases to receive our national wholesale pricing and support. Your players and customers are buying equipment from someone, why not you?


    Members have access to Demo Bats, Footwear Sizing Kits, Uniform and Apparel Samples, Insurance Discounts, Payment Processing Discounts, Rapsodo Discounts, Online Ordering Platforms, and no more middleman.


    Our support and marketing team is there to assist in ordering, designing, tracking, marketing and any other task we can help with. The success of our members is the top priority of the support and marketing team. #ExtraService #ExtraRevenue #ExtraSavings.

  • NO RISK!

    No Risk means No Risk. If your organization does not benefit from our program there is no cost to you. Ask our membership team for details.

To speak to a staff member about the advantages of becoming a member you can email us at, call us at 877-746-7341 or submit one of the forms posted throughout the website.

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Bob H. -  Team CT
The support and professional staff have been great helping us every step of the way. Bob H. - Team CT
Tracie - Softball Center
The program is extremely beneficial to our facilities long term success. I would recommend to others to jump aboard as quickly as they can. Tracie - Softball Center
Dana D. - Rivals Baseball Club
We have saved a ton of money on helmets and bat bags. Bat sales have been great and we are placing another order for more of our players this week. The reps have been good and ordering with the manufacturers is easier than I thought. Dana D. - Rivals Baseball Club
John H - THT Baseball and Softball
I always thought I was getting a good deal how I was previously outfitting our organization, I was wrong. I saved over 30% on uniforms, and I am now reselling equipment, apparel, and hats to my players as well. A win, win for everyone. John H - THT Baseball and Softball
Mark J. - The Diamond Rats
There is a ton of value in this program for my organization. It has made us more valuable to prospective players because of the discounts we can offer them. At the same time, it helps us out with another revenue stream. Mark J. - The Diamond Rats